On 27.07.2005 15:49:02 Siarhei Baidun wrote:
> Jeremias,
> we consider the signing of the CCLA (corporate) , not ICLA (individual).

The ICLA is mandatory for each person that intends to submit a
contribution to an ASF project. The CCLA is only necessary if you work
for a company and you want to make sure everything is 100% waterproof.

At the ASF no company can be a contributor. It's always an individual
that does the actual contribution. The CCLA is simply there to make
certain that you are entitled as an employee of that company to make
contributions to the ASF.

> Could you please advise if ICLAs have to be signed along with CCLA for those 
> employees who would commit to Apache?

I don't want to be a nitpicker but at first, you can only submit patches
as a contributor. Commit rights have to be earned and are proposed to
you by the existing committers. Just to avoid any false expectations.

Jeremias Maerki

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