Hi all,

I'll be offline during 3 weeks: summer holidays, far from computers ;-)

My work on the font subsystem is getting along, a bit slowly those last days but I hope to have more time after holidays. Currently I'm on the pdf part: it's a bit difficult because font and pdf things are very intermixed, and are handled each time a bit differently in Fop 0.20.5, Fop trunk and FOray.

I don't know if the font subsystem will be ready for the next release, but I think that after the pdf part is done the rest should be easier to adapt. I'll do my best to make it ready.

Just in case, I've put a patch on Bugzilla for those who might want to see my changes during these 3 next weeks. There are conflict issues, problems with the new layoutmgr.inline subpackage and the code won't compile. So this is really for curious guys that have time to loose ;-)

See you in 3 weeks.

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