I'm using apache cocoon to pass xml documents from xml to html and from xml to pdf.
Check cocoon features on
and see if it fits your problem. It is not an easy framework for non-programmers though.


On Sun, 31 Jul 2005, Jimmy Pierre wrote:


I am not a programmer, so when I encounter the type of problem that I will
expose, I am ever so grateful :-)

I have a report per machine and the report can only be saved in XML.

I would like to now convert the report in whatever, HTML, DOC, PDF,
spreadsheet etc. The issue is that I need to be able to exploit it.

I have posted the report on my site:

<http://www.cisware.co.uk/xmlproblem> http://www.cisware.co.uk/xmlproblem
it's only 20 K

Anybody could give me a tool to just convert this thing? I am fluent in

Best wishes,



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