While looking for a RTF text encoder (for accentuated characters), I gave
a closer look at rtflib (in xml-fop_20050717162512.tar.gz).

It seems that here still a few dependancies on FOP in it. I understand it
is not a priority for the FOP-Team right now, but if it can help in some
way, here they are:

 - in rtfdoc.RtfGenerator there is a call to Fop.getVersion() juste to
print the FOP version, and that obviously pulls all the FOP classes: this
could easily be removed by adding a "generator" String parameter on the
constructor (as the generator RTF metadata is optional, one could even
keep the old constructor for compatibility)
 - in rtfdoc.BorderAttributesConverter:
    - fo.Constants is imported but it seems acceptable as it brings no other
    - fo.properties.CommonBorderPaddingBackground is imported but is only
used by makeBorder(), which is not used anywhere in rtflib.**, so
perhaps this could be alleviated too...

Sorry my dependancies checks are not fool-proof as I had neither eclipse
nor grep to check, only Windows and few spare time to do it...

I must had that I do not need a self-contained rtflib anymore right now,
as what I needed is nicely self-contained in rtfdoc.RtfStringConverter:
keep it that way if you can! :)

Good luck for the upcoming release!

P.S.: Please respond also to my address if possible as I have not
subscribed to this list...

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