Manuel Mall wrote:

> BTW, why do we have the 3 columns Basic | Extended | Complete? Every 
> row will only have one cell out of those 3 filled out. Wouldn't it 
> make more sense to have a single column called Compliance or Core with 
> the values Basic, Extended or Complete? That would save valuable 
> screen space and give us room to add columns for each release.

The original compliance page had each cell color-coded to indicate
compliance with each of the three levels. So, if feature A is required for
"Extended" support and was not supported by FOP, the "Basic" column would
have the "compliant" color, while the "Extended" and "Complete" columns
would have the "non-compliant" color.

I built this just slightly before we converted to Forrest. Since we
converted to Forrest, the custom XSLT required for the above has been a
pain, and I think it has been eliminated. I just looked at the published
page, and it looks like you still have the three columns, but not the
color-coding, so combining the three as you suggest makes good sense.

(Sorry for the slow response. My email is being bounced as spam).

Victor Mote

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