Manuel Mall wrote:
Makes sense to me. Actually this is exactly what the 0.20.5 does.
Well, I'd rather refrain from reintroducing a ComandLineOptions
like class.
I'd still say the most intuitive setup would be
- API classes as usual (FO processor, configuration, maybe
  interfaces and implementations for input and output of the
  FO processor)
- A single CLI class with a main() method and possibly a few more
  methods for better structuring which parses the command line
  (maybe using commons CLI), sets up a configuration as well as
  input and output for the FO processor (possibly using an XSLT
  in the input pipeline), instanciates a FO processor, runs it,
  and performs clean up.
- A sample servlet class roughly doing the same
- etc.
There is no need for the sample CLI class and the servlet class
to be small. I can't see how a CommandLineOption class or parsing
command line options can be reused elswhere.


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