Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Initial values for "Trunk" column. No guarantees!

Jeremias, Manuel, you have done a great job!
I find it very useful and stimulating to have such a comprehensive "to do" list at hand!

Just a few notes:

[Trunk] After the page number is known, no relayout is performed. The appearance may be suboptimal depending on the use case.

The same problem affects page-number too.

I have started looking at this, I will soon post a message with my first findings and ideas.

[Trunk] TODO TBD

"font-height" is explicitly implemented; the alternative behaviour (when line-stecking-strategy is not font-height) should match the one prescribed for max-height.

The recommendation (7.15.16) states that "Implementations must support at least the max-height and font-height values defined in this Recommendation, and may treat line-height as if max-height had been specified", so we should be in a consistent state.

Only start, end, center and justify are supported [text-align-last]
Only start, end, center and justify are supported

Implementing "inside" and "outside" should not be difficult.

During the linebreaking, they could be handled just as "start" (using effectiveAlignment); during the addAreas() phase, when the page number should be known, the computent difference could be either interpreted as a left indent (to implement "ouside" in a odd page or "inside" in an even one) or ignored.


As far as I can remember it should work.


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