Manuel Mall wrote:

I am trying to write a testcase for the font-weight property and noticed
that the font-weight property is not shown in the area tree, i.e. something

<fo:block font-weight="bold">font-weight="bold"</fo:block>

produces an area tree output like:

<block bap="0 0 0 0" bpd="14400" bpda="14400" ipd="595275" ipda="595275"> <lineArea bap="0 0 0 0" bpd="14400" bpda="14400" ipd="0"> <text color="#000000" font-family="F3" font-size="12000" vpos="10266">font-weight="bold"</text> </lineArea> </block>

Is that to be expected, i.e. only some selected resolved properties are
shown in the area tree?

Well the Trunk code, the renderers in particular are still WIP and so its probably just not been added to the renderText method in the XMLRenderer. Patches welcome :-)


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