I know. Realized that myself recently. When I'm done with inlines I'll
jump back to finish the visual testing facility and the PSRenderer. I
might also have some time to do a few things on the Java2D stuff. At
least, the visual testing will help identify differences between

AFAIK, noones currently working on that otherwise. Most of the
dispatching of the render*() calls is done in AbstractRenderer. So this
should actually be renderer-independent. But still, there seems to be
something wrong. I'd have to do some debugging myself to find out. Set a
breakpoint in AbstractRenderer.renderPageAreas() to start with.

On 09.08.2005 14:08:42 richardw wrote:
> Hi,
> I seem to be have found a bug in the Java2D-based renderers
> (print and awt). They do not appear to render any regions
> other than the body. For example, when the file
> examples/fo/pagination/allregions.fo if rendered to PDF, it
> includes two vertical strips with the words Start and End and
> a header with the page number. None of these appear
> on the printed or awt renders. Is this a known issue ? If so,
> is anyone dealing with it ? If not, does anyone have any quick
> pointers as to where to look to fix it ?
> Richard

Jeremias Maerki

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