Hi devs,

in yet another attempt at getting back into FOP development I got
distracted again by question regarding cleanup and testcases.

- Do we still need the various .cvsignore files?
- build.xml
 *  Do we still need the htmldoc, pdfdoc and various html-* targets?
    The html-* targets probably wont run anyway.
 *  The "prepare-docs" target seems to be orphaned.
 *  Why does the "package" target depend on "hyphenation-jar"?
 *  What's the purpose of "hyphenation-jar", anyway?
 *  Why is there a "compile-src" and an empty "compile"?
 *  Does anybody run the "test" target?
- The README in /docs is outdated
- Much of the content in /docs seems to be obsolete too.
- Shouldn't the java examples reuse FO/SVG/XML from the FO examples
  directory rather than provide its own sample sources?
- Is the FOP servlet considered an example or rather an end user
  application like the FOP CLI?
- The /src/conf/web.xml for the FOP servlet seems to be a bit out of
  place. E.g. the AWT viewer has its jarred-in resources locally stored.
- Shouldn't the TestConverter.java and perhaps the RunTest.java files
  be moved to the /test tree? Or, the other way around, move all the
  Java files from /test into the /src/java subtree and keep only the
  data files in /test? (I know it's custom to put JUnit test cases in
  /test, but our /test contains a lot more machinery) But see further
  below for more issues here.
- Which of the tests in /test/xml/bugtests et. al. are obsoleted by
  the layoutengine test framework?
- Which other test files are now obsolete? GenericFOPTestCase and
  related sources seem to be candidates.
- Should Keiron's test framework (TestConverter/RunTest) be considered
  obsolete? Should tests which are not layoutengine tests be converted
  to JUnit tests? (Well, probably...)
- How should an acceptable structure of the /test/resources subtree
  look like?
- Should we really test for invalid XML (see /test/errors)?
- How should Junit tests for proper handling of invalid input should
  look like?


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