Hi devs,
after some cleanup, there are still some things in build.xml
which irritate me a bit. Mainly it's style. Unfortunately, my
ant-fu hasn't been updated much since Ant 1.3 was the actual
1. IIRC Ant allows property definitions outside tasks sinc,
 umm, 1.4 or so. None of the property definitions in <init>
 really seem to depend on <init-avail>. Shouldn't they be
 moved up now?
2. Should we really set build.compiler?
3. The font name properties (${Courier.xml} etc. seems to be
 used only once, the reason thy have been defined seems to
 be pure text shortening. I'd expand them again.
4. Id' like to expand some trivial properties like
 ${textfontencoding} too.
5. Some controlling properties are still in various tasks:
 schemas.dir in validate-xdocs
 javadoc.* in javadoc
 fop.transcoder* and transcoder-deps in transcoder-pkg
  (note the various name inconsistencies)
6. Name inconsistencies: build.gensrc, build.dest, build.javadoc,
 src.java and src.codegen are all directories but don't have the
 dir suffix like other properties holding directory names. What
 should we do here?
7. Generally: When should a value referenced through a property?
 Yes, I know the drill:
  - Might be overridden by properties loaded from files or the
    environment, in particular by build-local.properties
  - Is used multiple times, perhaps scattered all over the place
  - Have a single place at the top of the buildfile to change a
 Well, I think abstraction went a bit out of hand in the past (long
 property definition lists in the init target run counter to the
 "have the values in a single place for easy changes"), and  more
 recent additions seem to have reverted to local definitions, most
 obvious in the transcoder target. There are know directories
 hardcoded in multiple places (e.g. "${build.dir}/test-reports/fop"),
 locally coded filesets etc.
 What's our policy? In particular with regard to the directory layout:
 how stable should it be considered?
8. What's the purpose of having lots of properties defined in
 build.xml *and* a few more in build.properties? I suggest moving
 everything to build.xml.

Last but not least: the main fop jar currently doesn't include the
fop.xconf file nor serialized hyphenation patterns. Is this by design?


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