I can't talk for Luca, but I don't think we have explicit design docs
for that part. I think there is some useful content in the mail archives
(search for "Knuth"). Other than that, I realized that the algorithm
described in Knuth's "Digital Typography" is now in our codebase quite
literally (although by now with some extensions). I had no trouble
tracing back code parts to the book. Understanding the algorithm itself
as described by Knuth gets you 80% of the way to start the
implementation as I see it.

On 18.08.2005 15:05:15 Peter B. West wrote:
> Is there any design documentation about plain old line Knuth breaking,
> as implemented by Luca?  I see lots of stuff in the Wiki about page
> breaking, but can't see the original.

Jeremias Maerki

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