I'm currently working on the PS renderer and as part of that I tried to
factor out more common code between the PDF and PS renderers. As a
result of that I already have some of the more important features
(borders and viewports) working locally. But this meant switching the PS
renderer's own coordinate system from millipoints to points because PDF
works in points. At the moment I'm looking at what this means for
PSGraphics2D which still operates on millipoints. I think I should
change that, too. I don't think this should have any negative effects on
anybody, since the output will still look the same. Do I maybe miss
something? Obviously, the EPSTranscoder is affected by that, too, but
again, only the coordinate system changes. A nice side-effect is that
the generated PostScript code might get a little smaller as fewer zeros
are generated.

Jeremias Maerki

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