You are right. It seems like some calls to TraitSetter.addBackground()
are issued before IPD and BPD of the area are set (list-block and
list-item, for example). Yes, the call will need to be deferred until
the BPD and IPD have been set on the area. A safety check in
addBackground() will be a very good idea, too. You or me? :-)

On 25.08.2005 05:14:04 Manuel Mall wrote:
> When setting a relative background position the positioning is relative 
> to the size of the area the background is applied to. Currently the 
> position calculation is done when the area is created, i.e. when the 
> background trait is set. However, at that point in time fop may not 
> know the bpd and ipd of the area in question. Therefore the calculated 
> positioning will be wrong. Am I correct in saying that the logic needs 
> to be changed to do that calculation (or even set the background trait) 
> when the layout is completed for that area and not when the area is 
> created in the layout process?

Jeremias Maerki

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