Manuel Mall wrote: 

> Any one with better ideas / comments?

FOray solved (I think) this problem by a combination of 1) deferring the
resolution of any values that are dependent on area tree values until those
values are available, and 2) leaving the logic for such resolution in the
FOTree (so it can be reused). FOray doesn't use any kind of binding
mechanism in the FOTree, so the exercise becomes a matter of passing a
parameter containing the appropriate area tree value to the appropriate
FOTree method. The FOray FOTree doesn't know anything about layout or
AreaTree, but layout and AreaTree can see and use methods in FOTree. I don't
have a testing mechanism in place to prove it, but it seems to work. Because
FOray intends to support multiple layout strategies, it was important to get
this kind of computation into the "right" place so that it does not need to
be duplicated.

I don't mean to imply that this is "better". I am only hoping that some idea
here helps.

Victor Mote

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