On Aug 28, 2005, at 04:33, Manuel Mall wrote:

I must admit I know very little about collapsing borders. Therefore if
my comment is useless just ignore it.

Well, I certainly don't think it's useless...

I have recently worked on all this "percentage" stuff. This applies also
to border-width specifications. I believe border-width is one of the
inputs to the border collapse algorithm. Relative border-width
specifications can only be resolved at layout time (with the
appropriate context). This seems to indicate the border collapse
algorithm (at least the parts related to border-width) can only run
during layout.

Not really, I think. That has been on my mind as well, but as I see it, the border-widths will always be available as Length properties (not necessarily as fixed widths, unless they were already specified in the source document as such). I don't really intend to resolve those widths yet, just determine at FOTree stage *which* border (as in: specified on *which* element) will be applicable. If they were specified as percentages, those will still need to be resolved further on.

Does this address your concerns, or am I misunderstanding you here?



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