I'm a developer of a mass-printing product that uses our own customised
versions of FOP 0.20.5.

Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> As you know I'm currently updating the PostScript renderer. 
> I'd like to
> create a few FOP extensions for outputting custom PostScript 
> code at key
> places so people doing mass-printing can insert media 
> selection code and
> stuff like that into the PostScript stream.

My initial thought is that this sounds like it would be very useful to me.

I have code to parse the generated output postscript, looking for particular
DSC comments, and inserting postscript at appropriate places.

The postscript I'm inserting is mostly based on information that isn't
available during rendering by FOP, so even with the FOP extensions you
propose, I would still have to follow the same post-rendering process. The
ability to clearly identify the appropriate locations in the postscript with
our own comments would help though.

The sample you provide for media selection would provide a solution to a
client's requirements, but I'm expecting to have to make another change to
v0.20.5 to do a similar thing, before 1.0 is production ready.


> That should cover most of the common requirements in this area. If
> anyone needs custom code in the Trailer or PageTrailer this is easily
> added later.

I could probably make use of these too, and wonder why you would defer
adding them till later, when it would be quicker and easier to add and test
them at the same time as the headers?

In addition, the ability to say where the added postscript code is to go
would be useful. e.g. first thing in the page vs. last thing in the page.

Stephen Denne.

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