On Tue, 30 Aug 2005 12:58 am, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done the BPD/IPD/background fixes. That
> was stupid. 
No problems - apology accepted.

> But as for the other things, we really have a problem. I 
> have to review your patches and sometimes adjust a few things. And
> sometimes I stumble upon things I really don't like and then I start
> hacking. I can't know the exact set of files you're currently working
> on, so we can't avoid occasional clashes but that's where SVN should
> also help. Merging changes is a normal process during development in
> an open source project.
Of course, and I have absolutely no problems with that. I was only 
annoyed about two people, you and me in this case, doing exactly the 
same thing.

> How many merge conflicts did you have to 
> resolve?
The problem with these type of changes is that conflicts may stay 
undetected because they are not marked as conflicts, that is you and I 
try to make the same fix but in a slightly different manner. For 
example, I may have done the BlockLayoutManager bpd fix by setting the 
background trait in the flush method, you done it somewhere different. 
The file will merge fine but we now have the same thing fixed twice and 
it could go unnoticed (although a svn diff would eventually show it).

> To improve things, I can simply pay more attention and avoid places I
> know you're working on. But we can't rule out merge conflicts.

As I said above I am really only concerned about working on the same 
problem. Working on the same class/test/web page... to address 
something different is not an issue for me and at times unavoidable as 
you said.

> On 29.08.2005 17:11:26 Manuel Mall wrote:
> > Jeremias,
> >
> > Re - this and all the related other svn updates.
> >
> > Unfortunately we are duplicating work here. I had done virtually
> > the same already, that is added checks to the test cases and
> > modified the various layout managers to delay creating the
> > backgrounds until the bpd was known. This is not an efficient way
> > of doing things if me and you work on exactly the same thing at the
> > same time.
> >
> > How can we improve that?
> >
> > Manuel
> >

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