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Fair enough, btw its not painful for me at all. I have joined the project with the goal to help to get FOP 1.0 out of the door in a relatively short timeframe (meaning months not years). To achieve that I am more than prepared to be pragmatic in the sense of "getting things working satisfactorily" than "getting things perfect and at their most elegant". That doesn't mean I want to hack and slash. Good design is very important me. But there is still this goal to aim for as well and compromise may be in order at times.

This is an excellent goal. Sometimes it is all too easy to aim for 100% perfection and then FOP gets stuck - just like it has been for 2 years prior to 2005. Compromise is the key to getting 1.0 out of the door.

Couldn't let that one go by, Chris.  These issues, which were critical
to the creation of both Folio and FOray, were being thrashed out around
the beginning of 2003.  You've been around long enough to know that,
haven't you?  So for more than two years, the "pragmatic" Fop developers
stuck their heads in the sand.  The project stalled.  Point the finger
at those who refused to see what is now coming to the surface, and what
will still have to be solved.  How pragmatic.

And isn't there still FOP 2.0 down the track for another round of serious redesign and refactoring if so desired?

Hope this makes sense - especially to the active committers.

Perfect sense. Keep up the great contributions!

Perfect, in some imperfect sense of the word.



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