Regarding a fop-users email mentioning:

> com/sun/media/jai/codec/FileCacheSeekableStream

Reminded me of something I encountered recently:

In my brief experience (of a modified version of FOP 0.20.5 that I
inherited), if the href is to a file, then its input stream is being given
to JAI, JAI is reading from the input stream, and writing it to another file
in the temp directory, which isn't deleted, and uses up a file handle. (long
running server processes don't exit, so deleteOnExit isn't very useful.)

In my environment, all hrefs are to files, so I chose this alternative in
org.apache.fop.image.JAIImage loadImage():

        RenderedOp imageOp = JAI.create("fileload", this.m_href.getFile());

and I also added 


immediately after setting imageData.

I see that trunk has rearranged things a bit, but it still appears to have
the same leak.

Stephen Denne

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