thanks for pointing this out (again). I'll post a patch to fix this.


On Wed, 31 Aug 2005 07:02 am, Stephen Denne wrote:
> Regarding a fop-users email mentioning:
> > com/sun/media/jai/codec/FileCacheSeekableStream
> Reminded me of something I encountered recently:
> In my brief experience (of a modified version of FOP 0.20.5 that I
> inherited), if the href is to a file, then its input stream is being
> given to JAI, JAI is reading from the input stream, and writing it to
> another file in the temp directory, which isn't deleted, and uses up
> a file handle. (long running server processes don't exit, so
> deleteOnExit isn't very useful.)
> In my environment, all hrefs are to files, so I chose this
> alternative in org.apache.fop.image.JAIImage loadImage():
>       RenderedOp imageOp = JAI.create("fileload", this.m_href.getFile());
> and I also added
> imageOp.dispose();
> immediately after setting imageData.
> I see that trunk has rearranged things a bit, but it still appears to
> have the same leak.
> Stephen Denne

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