(Just to be clear, you mean reference-orientation on simple-page-master,
right? Not region-body.)

Good question. I can't find any special reference to this case in the
spec. I guess we need to go with the end-user expectation which I
imagine would be that you compensate for the the rotation. But maybe I
miss something.

On 31.08.2005 03:35:43 Manuel Mall wrote:
> Further to this - what is the expectation if we change the reference 
> orientation by 90 degrees (whichever way)? Now margin-top and bottom 
> are along the sides and margin-before and after are across (Look at the 
> picture in section 6.4.12 under "Constraints applicable to regions" of 
> the spec if you don't quite understand what I am talking about.
> ). Shall we still resolve a percentage on a margin-top/bottom against 
> the page-height? Looks awkward to me but couldn't find (that doesn't 
> mean there is none) an answer in the spec.

Jeremias Maerki

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