Chris Bowditch wrote:

Here is the sample:


I have tested a simple sequence of blocks with conditional spaces and the output seems ok; the output of the testcase space-block2.xml seems correct too (I'm going to add checks).

Not true, space-block2.xml does not work. On the second page, there should not be any space between the two paragraphs.

I'm no more sure I follow you ... :-)

In your example the second block has a conditional space before, but it is not the first son of a reference area (not the first in the page) so I would expect it not to be suppressed. Should all conditional spaces be always suppressed, regardless of their position, what whould be the point in using them? :-)

As per the testcase spaces-block2, I similarly think there should be a space between the first and second block on page 2; anyway, in this case the actual behaviour is probably wrong as the space resolution rules (if I understand them correctly) seems to imply that it should be only 10 points.


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