I'd like to move the MathML extension during the weekend. Now I'm
thinking about where to move it.

The SVG extension is currently under org.apache.fop.fo.extensions.svg.
But that's only the FO tree part. Other parts that belong to this
extension are with each renderer (PDFSVGHandler, PSSVGHandler etc.).

So I'm thinking about moving the org.apache.fop.fo.extensions.svg to
org.apache.fop.extensions.svg. org.apache.fop.mathml (currently in the
examples directory) would go to org.apache.fop.extensions.mathml. I
expect that I will want to try to create a PDFMathMLHandler and a
PSMathMLHandler that directly uses PDF/PSGraphics2D to paint the MathML
instead of taking the detour through SVG/Batik. I'm inclined to put
these XMLHandlers in org.apache.fop.extensions.mathml, too. I don't
intend to move the SVG handlers just now since there will be enough
moving around when the Graphics2D implementations and the Transcoders
migrate out of FOP. But I believe the SVG Handlers should eventually end
up in org.apache.fop.extensions.svg, so as to make it easier someday to
compile a minimal FOP without SVG support (something I remember more
than one person asking in the past).

I know that's yet another package directly under org.apache.fop, but we
will also be able to eventually remove certain packages as they move to
XML Graphics Commons:
- org.apache.fop.fonts
- org.apache.fop.pdf
- org.apache.fop.svg
- org.apache.fop.images

The Barcode4J extension has yet to be finished but will likely end up in
the Barcode4J project directly except if you'd prefer to have it right
here. It doesn't matter to me.

Objections? Better ideas?

Jeremias Maerki

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