I'm speaking here as a (future) Fop user. Just to let you know that I'm definitely wanting to support you in this area. I think your extensions would make Fop an extremely powerful typesetting system, that would eventually beat TeX in the quality of page makup. It's all the more interesting for me since my use of Fop would be to produce book-style documents.

Just a comment about your Wiki page: I'm not sure that modifying margins would produce visually appealing results. May it not disturb the reader when she notices that margins aren't the same after turning a page?
Otherwise I agree with all of your other propositions.

I wish you good success,

Luca Furini a écrit :
Speaking of extensions, I'd like to resurrect the layout extensions that were part of the code used to start the Knuth branch, but I want to be sure I'm allowed to do it.

The set of extensions (a couple of new properties, and some new value for an existing one) is aimed to give the user more control about the page breaking: in particular, via these extensions it is possible to give the application a list of properties that can be adjusted in order to fill all the available bpd of a region (in addition / substitution to the spaces between blocks [1]).

I started writing a wiki page about these extensions on the wiki at (I really should take some time to finish it!).

My highest-priority, short-term task is still to fix the behaviour of page-number and page-number-citation, as I think these formatting object must work in the next release: I have almost done, just have to finish handling the case of justified ext. After that, obviously if there are no objections against this, I'd like to spend some time on the extensions, that I'm sure could come in handy for fop-users producing book-style (or report-style) documents.

For example, here is a link to a message in the xsl-editors mailing list requesting a feature which is completely equivalent to one of the layout extensions: (many thanks to Jeremias for pointing it out to me!). Should I be allowed to keep working on this subject, I could answer him that fop will soon be able to cope with his request.


[1] ... which makes me think that I should work on space resolution rules too ... my to-do list keeps growing longer and longer! :-(

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