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Vincent Hennebert wrote:

Just a comment about your Wiki page: I'm not sure that modifying margins would produce visually appealing results. May it not disturb the reader when she notices that margins aren't the same after turning a page?

Well, that is thought of as an extreme measure, surely not the first parameter we may want to change! :-)

But I met some situations in which a little variation in margins could lead to have fewer or more lines, while word spacing variation could not; for example, I found that word spacing variation is often enough for italian documents (as many words can be hyphenated, thus "saving" spaces that can stretch and shrink), while english documents often need margin variation too.

The output "beauty" could depend on many parameters: a margin change in a book printed on very thin paper would look horrible, because the transparency would emphasize the difference; but otherwise a small variation in the inner margin of a large page could go almost unnoticed.


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