Hi Manuel,

Sorry for the delay.
I think you're right.

See the note in "6.4.12 fo:simple-page-master": For example, if the writing-mode of the fo:simple-page-master is "lr-tb", then [region-body, region-before, region-after, region-start, and region-end] correspond to the body of a document, the header, the footer, the left sidebar, and the right sidebar.

And "6.4.14 fo:region-before": This region specifies a viewport/reference pair that is located on the "before" side of the page-reference-area. In lr-tb writing-mode, this region corresponds to the header region.

This should answer your question.


Manuel Mall a écrit :
This is (again) more of a clarifying question as I am looking in that area
of the code and I think its incorrect:

Am I correct in saying: The position of the before/after/start/end regions
on the output media is relative to the writing-mode and reference
orientation on the simple-page-master they belong to?
Currently some of their positioning is determined by the writing-mode set on
the regions themselves, which usually would be the same as on the
simple-page-master, but it can be different and then the current
implementation seems to get itself confused.


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