1. You confirmed what I suspected - LAST_AREA means "last area in that 
line"; so may be we should rename it to LAST_AREA_IN_LINE?

2. I need (nearly) exactly what Jeremias was referring to in your [1] - 
that is "an indication that the last area for a LM is being generated". 
In my case I am only interested in inline areas. However, it seems no 
solution has yet been found for this issue. I'll keep looking then.


On Tue, 6 Sep 2005 06:46 pm, Luca Furini wrote:
> Manuel Mall wrote:
> > But if we have a long fo:inline stretching multiple lines this seem
> > to give the wrong results from the Inline LM perspective. For
> > example if the fo:inline finishes in the middle of a line followed
> > by more text the Line LM will not set the LAST_AREA flag when
> > calling addAreas on the Inline LM as there are more areas on the
> > line. Therefore the Inline LM "thinks" its not done with yet
> > although it is and the reverse is true on the first line of a
> > multi-line inline.
> The LineLM.addAreas() method creates a line at a time (a line for
> each LineBreakPosition), and asks its children to add their inline
> areas for the line area being created.
> It sets the LAST_AREA flag if the child LM is the one that created
> the last element placed in this line: for each line, there is one and
> only one child LM that receives a LayoutContext with this flag set,
> unless there are bugs :-)
> If the content of an inline is divided among several lines, the
> method InlineLM.addAreas() will be called once per line, and all the
> times (but the last) it will have the LAST_AREA flag on.
> Some time ago there was a thread about a similar subject [1]: the
> problem, then, was the opposite, i.e. to find out which is the last
> area generated by a LM, regardless of line breaks.
> I think there is a bit of ambiguity in the names: at the moment, the
> LAST_AREA flag signals to a LM that it is adding the last inline area
> in a line, or the last block area in a page, but this can cause
> confusion with the is-last area trait described by the specs (4.2.2
> Common traits). Maybe we can find out a more significant and univocal
> name.
> Regards
>      Luca
> [1] Markers: Determining the last generated area for a LM,

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