Simon Pepping wrote:
I used to use a script for ant that adds junit.jar to the
classpath. Since Debian Sarge, it works out of the box, as
Christian said.

Thanks for the encouragement.

After another round of getting the long, well meaning and
utterly useless Ant messsage about a task not found, this time
because Cygwin $HOME is not Java user.home and therefore
~/.ant/lib isn't searched for jars, I finally solved this by
adding "-lib ~/java/lib" to ANT_ARGS, thereby also making
the setting of optional.lib.dir in
obsolete. My .antrc is now more than 50 lines!

Next question: I used to have old (maintenance branch) jars
for FOP and Batik in the repository, which causes compilation
problems. Therefore it might be a good idea to include only
specific fles rather than *.jar in the classpath set. WDYT?


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