Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> I don't see a big problem if you switch to points and double 
> for the font library. These values can always be converted 
> back to millipoints as needed. It's a relatively isolated 
> area. After all, we already convert from and to millipoints 
> back and forth. Doing the same for the font library is not a 
> big deal I think. Unless I'm missing something, of course.

The only issue I can think of would be the cumulative effect of the
performance hit, and I'm not smart enough to predict whether that is
significant or not (there are some operations that would be saved internally
that might help pay for the expense of a client application converting). I
think I will do some experimentation before I go any further with that. Some
other day. Thanks for the feedback.

Victor Mote

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