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I am not sure what you mean "getPDF/PSSubset".

If I'm correct it is only possible to embed the whole font file in a pdf output, by using getPDFFontFileStream. Currently aXSL doesn't seem to provide a means to embed only a subset.

Point me to the FOP code that does the embedding, class name(s) and line
numbers, and I'll see if I can extract it into an aXSL-exposed method.

The whole code is in the class, mainly the method embedType1Font.

3. Still doing this would require hacking the FOrayFont subpackage; that would result in something dirty but that should work;

Better would be to just make aXSL provide what needs to be provided. If we
can hack FOray to do it, then we should be able to expose what is needed.
Since nothing we are talking about here is a pollution of the interface, we
should just be able to change the interface.

On this point I was more thinking of a quick short-term solution for the pre-release, before taking the time to think about a clean implementation.

4. Anyway there are several improvements to bring to the PS renderer: mainly character encoding, font embedding and in a longer term two-pass rendering for a proper font handling.

OK. I am confused. I thought above that font embedding worked in PS now, but
this seems to indicate that it does not.

Sorry, it also is a bit unclear to me. I think the precise status is the 
1. font embedding only works with Type1 font for which a pfb file is provided (or also a pfa?). Subsetting --provided that this is specified by the postscript standard-- does not work; 2. currently only the WinAnsi charset seems to be supported. Fonts are systematically reencoded to this charset

I can take some of this burden off of you, in that I can hopefully fix aXSL
and FOray to provide what is needed. If that is done well, you shouldn't
need to learn too much PostScript to get it to work, and perhaps one of the
other developers can help you get it glued in. I don't know how much work it
will take for me to get the FOray PS Renderer working (it may work now), I
can use that as a test bed also.

I appreciate your offer to help! Today I quickly launched the FOray PS Renderer but it doesn't seem to work. I haven't investigated, though, this may be a minor problem.


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