As a consequence of the recent discussion on the correct bpd for inline 
areas I was looking at actually implementing it. Part of that is 
correct vertical positioning, i.e. baseline alignments, of those areas.

Am I correct in saying that the vertical-align property which is a 
shorthand for a combination of baseline related properties is not 
currently implemented as shorthand, that is the property system doesn't 
do the mapping to the corresponding properties (alignment-baseline, 
alignment-adjust, baseline-shift and dominant-baseline)?

Also those 4 properties, while set on the various fo's, don't seem to 
have getters so are not available to the layout system.

So, the first step in moving away from vertical-align and to the four 
corresponding properties is to fix the property subsystem and the fo 

Finn, the property system already has a notion of corresponding 
properties, etc.. I haven't looked into it in any detail but can that 
be used for the mapping of vertical-align or do we need some custom 
mechanism in this case?


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