It's probably easiest for now to do as Batik does. However, Type 1 fonts
provide information about sub and super scripts (size and placement) in
the PFM file. That data is currently not parsed. I assume there's
something similar in TrueType. So ideally, the font would supply the
information how exactly to handle super/sub script. But keeping it
simple for now will certainly not hurt.

On 16.09.2005 09:08:24 Manuel Mall wrote:
> What is the correct amount of baseline shift to apply for sub and super 
> scripts? Batik seems to use +/- 0.5 * ascender height. Is that the 
> common way of doing it? The spec says only: "The offset ... is 
> determined using the font data for the nominal font".
> Thanks
> Manuel

Jeremias Maerki

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