Manuel Mall wrote:

if we have a baseline-shift, eg.

some X<fo:inline font-size="smaller" baseline-shift="super">2</fo:inline> ...

how is that intended to be modelled with respect to the lead,height, and middle values to be stored in the created KnuthInlineBoxes for the fo:inline?

I think that more (or different) information needs to be stored in the KnuthInlineBoxes in order to fully implement the properties concerning the vertical positioning of objects.

Lead, total and middle are only enough to handle vertical-align = top, bottom or middle; anyway, maybe three attributes could be enough: one identifying the alignment baseline (alphabetic, ideographic, text-before-edge, ...) and two specifying the box heigth above and below this baseline.

The LineLM should look at these values when creating the lines: each box height will be interpreted differently according to its baseline: I think this will be the tricky part of this work!

HTH, even if it' not much :-)


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