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Author: adelmelle
Date: Sat Sep 17 16:59:25 2005
New Revision: 289865

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewcvs?rev=289865&view=rev
Implementation for initial values of the column-number property

Ok, after a whole lot of talking, here it is then --finally...

Since this is my first substantial contribution, if there's anything the Java geeks around here have to add or if I made any serious errors, please don't shoot me :-)

Passed all regression tests, so nothing should break for the common cases. If anyone comes up with cases that break this approach, just add them to the FOTree testsuite. I've added a few rather exceptional cases myself to make sure it was as generic as possible. Don't hesitate to ask further info if something is not quite clear WRT the logic/theory.

Thanks to everyone --especially Jeremias-- for your patience, and for the FOTree testsuite, without which I'd probably still be analyzing numerous log.debug() messages... :-)

Hope it meets with your approval.



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