Hi All!

I am trying to have the <listitem>s in an
<orderedlist> to display numerical values. The XSLFO
template below that I've developed is displaying zeros
"0" for all the list items. Could someone please
inform me what I am doing incorrectly here, or the
correct way to accomplish this task?

Thanks in advance for your help!


=======XSLFO TEMPLATE========

<xsl:template match="orderedlist/listitem/para">
   <fo:list-block provisional-label-separation="4em"
       <fo:list-item-label start-indent="2mm"
             <xsl:number count="orderedlist/listitem"
level="any" from="manual"/>

=======XML Snippet========      
      <para>First list item.</para>
      <para>Second list item.</para>
      <para>Third list item.</para>

The current output (display) is like this:

0 First list item.
0 Second list item.
0 Third list item.

This is the output (display) that I want:

1. First list item.
2. Second list item.
3. Third list item.

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