On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 09:14 pm, Apache Wiki wrote:
> The following padding is suppressed as is the
> space right after that. ''(not sure here)''
This is regarding Example 9: IMO
   padding is suppressed: Yes because "is-first" is false as it is the 
2nd area generated for the outer block.
   space-before on inner block is suppressed: No - this is the first 
area generated from the inner block so "is-first" is true. It is also 
the first child of the outer area so 4.2.5 (1.) applies and there are 
no other space specifiers. Therefore at the start of the page after the 
page break I would expect:
1) The 2pt border (no space-before, no padding after)
2) A 6pt space
3) The text: "second line"



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