On Sep 24, 2005, at 00:22, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:

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The FOUserAgent is reachable to the Maker through FObj.getFOEventHandler().getUserAgent(), so no problem there, but how to proceed after fetching the String value...

If anyone can offer any hints on this (before I figure it out myself ;-P), these would be much appreciated.

OK, figured it out. PropertyMaker.make(PropertyList, String, FObj) was the answer. It works now, apart from the user-configurable part, although that shouldn't be much of a problem. My only question there is: where would I best insert the code for that? I tried looking at 'baseURL' and 'pixelToMillimeter' as examples, since they are also present as entries in the user-config, but these entries don't seem to be used anywhere. For example: apart from being able to specify -dpi as a command-line switch, there are no calls to FOUserAgent.setResolution() anywhere else (unless I didn't look very well, which happens from time to time :-) ) Are these entries even supposed to work now, or is this still to-be-implemented? If so, I might as well take care of that here...

My initial thought is to check for these entries immediately in FOUserAgent.setUserConfig(), and if they are present, set them from there.

Would that sit right with you all?
Please respond, I don't like making unilateral decisions :-)



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