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> > It may be a known issue, I can't say for sure. What I CAN say for  
> > sure, is that, since this relates to version 0.20.5, this won't be  
> > fixed
> BTW: Everyone agreed that, since version 0.20.5 will quite soon be  
> outdated, it may be time to start cleaning out the bug-list?

I'd disagree with the "quite soon". I believe that many people will be
forced to stay with 0.20.5 for at least another 6 months or at least the
time it takes to stabilize FOP Trunk and add the missing features that
work in 0.20.5.

But yes, we should think about cleaning out the bug-list.

> (Not that it matters that much. Just yesterday, I saw someone CC-ing  
> himself for a bug that had been marked 'RESOLVED INVALID' ages ago :-)  
> Some people...)
> If so, what would be the best strategy:
> - simply mark all bugs related to 0.20.X as WONTFIX, with maybe a tiny  
> message that the new pre-release is pending --encourages users to try  
> out the trunk, and create new bug-reports if they encounter the same  
> problem
> - check if current trunk version still has the bug, and if it has,  
> change the version --more work for us, I guess :-(

I realize that the second option means a lot of work but blindly
following option 1 would mean missing a chance. There are a lot of bug
reports against 0.20.5/maintenance branch that have never been fixed but
are valid issues and must not be lost.

I don't think we have to throw out all those old issues by force within
the next few weeks. I'm sure there is a good number of issues that can
be closed and it's good if they are. But be careful with the ones that
help us improve FOP.

BTW, here's something neat:

Jeremias Maerki

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