On Sep 27, 2005, at 14:34, Manuel Mall wrote:

Hi Manuel,

what to you make out of the following?

In 7.13.2 alignment-baseline is defined as having the values:
auto | baseline | before-edge | text-before-edge | middle | central |
after-edge | text-after-edge | ideographic | alphabetic | hanging |
mathematical | inherit

But further below in the text where it says "Values have the following
meanings:" we have at the end explanations for the values:
top, bottom, text-top, and text-bottom, which according to the
definition above are not valid values for this property.

IIC, the definition-list should be expanded to include these latter four. Well, it could easily be. Their meaning seems to be related to 'before-edge', 'after-edge', 'text-before-edge' and 'text-after-edge', only that the ones currently not included in the list are only valid for horizontal writing modes (lr-tb and rl-tb). In vertical writing-mode they fall back to the dominant-baseline, as there, 'before' is 'right' and 'after' is 'left' --and 'top' and 'bottom' are 'end' and 'start'. If you catch the drift... ;-)

Not 100% sure, but this seems to be the most plausible... BTW: XSL 1.1 also misses these in the definition --Feel like submitting the question to the XSL-FO WG? :-)



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