If you don't see any replies from me at the moment, this is because it
looks like a router in San Francisco is blocking my IP traffic to the
Apache servers located in the US. That means I've got no SVN access and
it also seems to affect the mails from the mailing lists which I
currently don't get.

Some time ago, the same router started to block clients from the German
T-Online (as reported on infrastructure). Looks like my ISP is now
affected, too. I bet this must have something to do with homeland
security. *bg*

Anyway, I will answer all the mails as soon as the blocking is lifted
but I'll be in Paris during the weekend without internet connectivity,
so you'll likely hear from me again next week.

BTW, I'm in the fine-tuning phase for space resolution and conditional
length handling. I'll upload my changes into a temporary branch for
review as soon as I have SVN access again.

Jeremias Maerki

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