Some thoughts about the space resolution implementation notes.

I believe that borders and padding are not unresolvable elements. They
can always be determined by their LM because they do not interact with
the borders and padding of other LMs. They do influence space
resolution. They act as fences and break space sequences into several
separate stacking constraints. This can be taken into account by the
Space Resolver if the Knuth elements for the borders and padding make
it clear that they are a fence to stacking constraints.

And some (perhaps irrelevant) observations about break possibility

The situation regarding retained borders and padding resembles the
situation of table headers and footers closely. Nevertheless, Jeremias
presents a Knuth element list which is simpler:

penalty(pb-after) glue(-pb-before) box PENALTY glue(pb-before)

According to the table header/footer treatment, the list would be:

penalty(pb-before + pb-after) at each break possibility, representing
the border and padding on the page before the break.

glue(pb-before + pb-after) at the end, representing the single
occurrence of the border and padding that occurs without any break.

This solution would be especially more complicated for borders and
paddings of nested blocks.

I am wondering why the element list for borders and paddings can be
constructed in a simpler way than that for table headers/footers. I
think it is due to the fact that glue can be undone, while boxes

Regards, Simon

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