On 05.10.2005 09:07:36 Finn Bock wrote:
> [Simon]
> >>In general, I have a different idea about the retain
> >>condition. Retained spaces do not appear between areas returned by the
> >>FO; all spaces appear before or after all areas returned by the
> >>FO. This is different from retained padding and borders.
> [Jeremias]
> > That's the part where I think you are wrong. 4.2.3 and 7.10.5 make it
> > clear IMO that space-before|-after are applied to every area generated
> > by an FO. The following sentence is the key: "Specifies the value of the
> > space-specifier for the space before the areas generated by this
> > formatting object." (Notice the "areas"!)
> So for inlines we get
> <fo:block>xxx xx xxx xx xxx x xxx xxxx <fo:inline space-start="nn">iii i 
> iii iii ii iii iiii iii iiii i ii iiiii ii</fo:inline> xxx xxx xxxx xxx 
> xxxx xxx xxx</fo:block>
> xxx xx xxx xx xxx x
> xxx xxxx    iii i
>     iii iii ii iii
>     iiii iii iiii i
>     ii iiiii ii xxx
> xxx xxxx xxx xxxx
> xxx xxx
> where a retained space-start is applied to each inline area, not just 
> the first one generated?

Unexpected for inlines maybe, yes, but not necessarily for the b-p-direction
and it's what the spec says IMO.

> My understanding is more in line with Simon.
> I would guess that the key sentence is also true if the space is applied 
> to only the first area.

How so? The spec talks about spaces around the generated areas of an FO,
not the space around an FO. Or take the first sentence in 7.11.2:
"Specifies the minimum, optimum, and maximum values for the space before
any areas generated by this formatting object and the conditionality and
precedence of this space." I don't read any restriction to only the
first and last generated area of an FO for spaces out of this.

Once again we probably hit a flaw in the spec. AltSoft repeats the
space-before on every page, XEP does not. And no changes to the text in
XSL 1.1 WD. :-(

I think we should start a Wiki page listing all these bloody flaws in
the spec for everyone to see.

Jeremias Maerki

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