The reference I found was in the section about avoiding "psychologically
bad" breaks. AFAICS the auxiliary flag is used in line breaking in the
hyphenation code, but the breaker algorithm actually doesn't care about
it. For page breaking the meaning of the auxiliary flag is undefined,
but I've used it to mark elements which are handled in a special way
like the elements created by the space resolution. It was simply handy
for them to stand out in debug output. There's no logic triggered by the
flag and I don't have a problem removing the auxiliary flags if anyone
prefers that I should not use them.

On 05.10.2005 22:16:11 Simon Pepping wrote:
> I have never really understood the role of the aux flag on the
> elements. Is it only for the addAreas phase, or does it also play a
> role in the breaker algorithm?

Jeremias Maerki

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