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I've been stewing on this for quite a while, and as you, at least, seem to have missed the point, I'll vent.

Sorry to hear that you were stewing about this. I suspect it feels better now that it's out in the open (although I'm not convinced this is the best place for it--it might be, I'm just not convinced...).

I don't have a lot of emotion about this either way (although I admit I was sad to see you and Victor Mote curtail your contributions to FOP).

Does any record of any of this remain on the web site? No. All trace of alt-design has been vigorously scrubbed from the site. A bit thank you to Glen and to Jeremias. Not only does this amount to the re-writing of FOP history, but it was detrimental to the development effort. A number of observations which have been made recently were discussed in detail in the alt-design documentation, notably in respect of space-resolution and footnotes.

Actually there is a mention on the FOP Resources page[1]:
- [software] Folio[2] a renderer for XML files containing Formatting Object elements (aka FOP Alt.Design)

It may not be much comfort, but it appears that fop/design/alt.design wasn't totally removed[3]. Just the links to it were removed. That was either an oversight on my part (I thought I removed it), or perhaps the content slipped back in when we switched from CVS to SVN. I found it w a google search[4].

In any case, I for one continue to find pleasure in your continued presence on FOP-DEV. I learn a lot about FOP from your POSTs and am still feel sadness that you are no longer a member of the FOP Team (although you still post, which counts, in my book!). If you would like to talk further about this (either continuing this thread or off-line which may be more appropriate), I welcome it.

[1] FOP Resources:

[2] Folio:

[3] alt.design

[4] Google Search for 'site:xmlgraphics.apache.org alt.design alt-design' <http://www.google.com/search? hl=en&q=site%3Axmlgraphics.apache.org+alt.design+alt- design&btnG=Google+Search>


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