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The alt-design property code was, back then, in my eyes, code written by a person who did not intuitively create object oriented design.


It was, IMO, not a good fundation for further work.

Fair enough, apart from the deferred functionality, but irrelevant.
We're talking here about ideas and implementation details.

I have then later looked at different times, one where I made a incorrect description of how alt-design stored references from fo-object to properties, an other when I wanted to understand why you though alt-designs Property/PropertyValue was any different from head's PropertyMaker/Property.

A discussion I am always willing to have, if only to learn more about
your approach. I *do* like pretty code. I asked you about it, because I had plans to adopt it. But I was not persuaded that you had the thorny problems solved, so I held off. When it's completed, I'll look again.


I've just had another look at the properties code.  It's not a pretty
sight, is it?  Understandable, because the properties system does not
lend itself to simple solutions.  I'll pass on adopting it though.  The
properties code in Folio is already considerably more comprehensible,
and will become even more so when the layout work converges.  In any
case, it was reassuring to see the completely accidental correspondences
between your work and mine.

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