I think it's not that simple in the Knuth approach because you cannot
just switch off the breaking as a paragraph is always broken as a whole
("total fit" in Knuth's terms). The easiest would be to simply generate
a zero-width box for the no-wrap inline followed by a hard break. This
would work fine for the text-align="start" case but probably not for the
other cases. The problem: as soon as the breaker gets a line that is
wider than the available IPD it breaks the element to the next part/line
which is not necessarily expected here. OTOH, how does a no-wrap look
like in case of a text-align="justify"? Hmm. At any rate, the first step
would probably be to create elements inside the no-wrap inline so that
it behaves like a keep-together.within-line="always". Stuff to think
about....as if we lack that. :-)

On 07.10.2005 22:26:23 J.Pietschmann wrote:
> > Supporting wrap-option="no-wrap" on fo:inline will take some
>  > additional work in FOP Trunk. It works fine in 0.20.5.
> That's no surprise given that in the maintenance branch fo:inline
> doesn't create an area and is basically the same as fo:wrapper.
> I still wonder: creating no line breaks at all should be
> significantly easier than creating breaks...
> J.Pietschmann

Jeremias Maerki

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