I'm using FOP and I have the following problem :

I transform a .FO to a PDF but this .FO contains Eastern european characters (ISO-8859-2/UTF-8 compatible), when looking at the resulting PDF I have a '#' for each eastern character. If I try another output different of PDF, the resulting document is correct.

For remark : The PDF is correct if I use western european characters (like ISO-8859-1).

This is as if the PDF font was ignoring my eastern characters. But I feel the problem is in the output way, because eastern european characters may require two encoding bytes.

When using the (org.apache.fop.apps) Driver class, I have noticed that the output must be an OutputStream, so this is not character compatible but byte only compatible, it seems unicode cannot be processed correctly ?

How an I process such characters ?

Thank you in advance,

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