Manuel Mall wrote:
I like the idea of having a UNICODE conformant/compliant/based line breaking algorithm in FOP. Note this has nothing to do with the Knuth algorithm used in FOP. I am talking about using the UNICODE algorithm to determine line break opportunities.

That's exactly the purpose of both BreakIterator and my implementation.

Shall we use your work in FOP

That was the basic idea.

and if so how can we best integrate it?

I'd rather have the code in a reusable library outside of the FOP
project (in particular the infrastructure dealing with Unicode files
and the table generator). Unfortunately, none of the jakarta commons
modules showed much enthusiasm for integrating it, and I don't think
I have enough time to maintain a new module for this.

BTW, looking at with respect to the SOLIDUS, that is line breaking property SY, it is actually quite complex as it does not allow a break within a sequence of digits, e.g. 26/10/2005 and discourages breaking things like "w/o" or "A/S".

Oops! I should have read further.


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