Manuel Mall wrote:

> But we need to know which spaces can be adjusted, and which cannot.
> If we don't wont to duplicate the logic for the "space recognition",
> the SpaceAreas must simply have a boolean value stating whether the
> space is adjustable, so that the renderers won't need to look at the
> space and decide.

I don't get that point. Isn't it enough for the renderer to know the offset for the area in question? What additional decisions would the renderer make based on the "adjust" flag? Or do you mean we still have the twsAdjust on the TextArea and the offset is only relative to twsAdjust? Do we really gain anything with that instead of making the offset the corrected twsAdjust value?

At the moment we still use the twsAdjust value, and the individual offset would be an additional adjustment. Maybe there is little gain, but when the font is not multi-byte this saves us from setting the offset on each adjustable SpaceArea and using it in the renderer. It's not much, both in terms of time and output length: but if there is an easy way to adjust all the spaces at once ... why should we do another way? :-)


> So, what if we rename offset -> spaceAfter? It seems to me that we
> are here speaking of the same thing using two different names. :-)

Fair enough, I agree we do.

We just have to reach an agreement on this last detail, and I'll implement the changes.


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